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F*CK Him!

F*CK Him!

Nice Girls Always Finish Single

– “A guide for sassy women who want to get back in control of their love life” (The Truth about his weird behavior, … of commitment and sudden loss of interest)

Brian Nox (Author)

The MANipulator Manual:

Keep Your Man Interested and Begging for More Without Playing Games

Let me start off by explaining I am in no way talking about the sexual act. F*ck him in this case is not physical, it’s mental.

So many women get in trouble in their love lives, and 99.9 percent of that trouble could have been avoided if they’d said, “Well, f*ck him!” a bit more often. Too many women are way too nice and compliant to their men, especially when these men don’t deserve that kind of treatment.


How To Get A Man Without Getting Played

How To Get A Man Without Getting Played:

by Bruce Bryans (Author)

29 Dating Secrets to Catch Mr. Right, Set Your Standards, and Eliminate Time Wasters

How to Attract Men Worth Dating and Get the Guy You Really Want

When it comes to finding a suitable mate for a passion filled, committed relationship, one of the things men want most in a woman is self-possession, or said another way, womanly poise.