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Romantic Erotica

Secret Service

Secret Service

An Erotic Short

by Brenda L. Thomas (Author)

Bryce Goodman lives a clandestine lifestyle. Once a 7-figure earner for Morgan Stanley, Bryce is now Philadelphia’s most sought after ticket broker – at least that’s what he wants people to think. In the back rooms of Philly’s most exclusive clubs and restaurants, he secretly manages million dollar investment portfolios of some of the city’s most notorious and dangerous citizens.

From his work, to his dark pleasures, Bryce Goodman lives his life on the edge.

He had everything under control until she came into his life. A new client that could potentially double his net-worth and one, he was sure of, that could take him to his highest peaks of pleasure. He had decisions to make. But were they his to make?

Romantic Erotica

Kaelan Rhywiol (Author) WINTERVIEWS

Beneath Green

Survive. At all costs.

Aev is hiding from invaders who terraformed her planet. But she knows. It’s better to die on the surface than rot underground.

Terraformers overtake Aev’s world. Launching world-evolving mists. They came to cover her white world green. It’s genocide, and she’s lost everything—her family, her home. Now she hides in the shadows underground. From her desperate people. From the enemy.

Subsisting, she scavenges food, water, a place of her own. As her people burrow deeper, she knows the only way to survive is up. She has to get off the newly terraformed planet, or end up as a part of the green world. So when her new mentor asks if she wants “off this rock,” she must trust an unpredictable man with a broken ship.